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Young Entrepreneur Challenge

Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund Access...

Yanditswe: Aimery kuwa 28 Kamena 2021 saa 12:09

Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund
Access Agriculture is currently running a Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund (YECF) to select the next Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) residing in Rwanda. This initiative is part of the Knowledge Centres for Organic Agriculture (KCOA) Africa project funded by GiZ.

The four team winners will be awarded a solar powered Digisoft smart projector consisting of Access Agriculture farmer-training videos translated into Kinyarwanda, French and English among other languages. They will also be offered coaching, training, advisory and business linkage services to facilitate their entrepreneurial journey.

For more details, visit:
About YECF in English: https://www.accessagriculture.org/young-entrepreneur-challenge-fund-0

About YECF in French: https://www.accessagriculture.org/fr/fonds-competitifs-dappui-aux-jeunes-entrepreneurs

Application form in English: https://www.accessagriculture.org/kcoa-rwanda-call

Application form in French: https://www.accessagriculture.org/fr/kcoa-rwanda-call-francais

Please note: Applicants are free to respond using any of the two languages. However, all coaching and training instructions will be provided in English. It is therefore important for candidates to have good command of English.

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