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Field Coordinator | African

Field Coordinator | African Students’ Education Fund

African Students’ Education Fund’s mission is to make a better life possible through education for Rwandan children who do not have the financial means.

Yanditswe: M. Jean Pierre kuwa 5 Nzeri 2022 saa 13:07

We’re African Students’ Education Fund (ASEF), an INGO supporting secondary school students in Rwanda since 2007. Our mission is to make a better life possible through education for children in Rwanda who do not have the means to attend school without financial assistance. More than 1,200 students across all of Rwanda receive our support, and now we’re hiring a new Field Coordinator to assist us in our operations!

Field Coordinator’s responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Training and development of program interns
  • Develop, evaluate and manage direct reports to ensure all deadlines are met and project action plans are achieved
  • Visiting schools of sponsored students country-wide to discuss student performance while ensuring the school meets ASEF’s standards of education
  • Maintaining database of current beneficiaries as well as further developing a master database including all former beneficiaries
  • Research and network to develop a graduate resource center with tools and information for those wishing to continue their studies beyond secondary school
  • Verifying financial need through district partnership and coordination of at-home visits with randomly selected ASEF sponsored students and their families
  • Regular meetings at the end of each school term throughout Rwanda with individual beneficiaries
  • Facilitation of communications between program employees, sponsored students and government partners
  • Reporting all ongoing activities and any and all other relevant information on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis
  • Act as one member of the ASEF New Intake Selection Committee, which duties shall include: helping to assess academic records and financial needs of candidate students, and assisting in candidate review and selection process, at the beginning of each school year
  • Cultivate relationships with local government leaders and participate in JADF partnerships
  • Conducting financial reconciliation of work-related expenses on a weekly basis
  • Oversee and elevate social media presence of organization

For consideration, candidates attest they possess the following skills, knowledge and experience:

  • The ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with community leaders and maneuver in the community with comfort and credibility
  • Flexibility to conduct field travel on a regular basis
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as the planning and organizational skills required for the position
  • Competency in Microsoft Office
  • Two years minimum experience in team management
  • Strong analytical skills, independent judgment, ability to multi-task, comfort under pressure and ability to meet deadlines while retaining a sense of humor
  • Ability to communicate ideas across cultural and language barriers, fluency in English and Kinyarwanda.

For consideration, please forward your Cover Letter and CV to [email protected] not later than 30th September, 2022.

Tanga Igitekezo

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